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There are many secrets and unanswered questions about Majoras Mask that we dont know about. This section is dedicated to answering those questions. You can help too, if you have anything to submit just e-mail me and i will put them on my site. I will give you credit for those you submit.

Gorman Brothers
Submitted by Bill Draves.
On the night you are riding the carriage with Cremia, you can stop the Gorman Brothers from attacking you by wearing the Circus Leaders Mask.

The Cowardly Swordsman
Submitted by Dark Link.
As regular Link play the Song of Double Time until the Final Night. Wait until there are five(5) minutes left, the go to the Sword Training School in West Clock Town. There will be a sign on the platform that says he's on vacation or something. Now you can go on his platform. There will be a wooden wall directly in front of you. Cut it with your sword and he will be cowering in the corner.

Postman's Heart
During the mini game of the Postman where you have to stop the timer exactly on 10 seconds. Use the bunny hood so the timer will always stay on. This will help you get the heart peice easily.

Goldust, so many uses...
Submitted by Zeroeagle4.
After clearing the entrance to the Goron Racetrack by using a powder keg, enter the area, there is a race about to start. Enter the race. now this is not easy to win, but you have to be the first one to cross the finish line. The other gorons will ram you off the course, and push you out of the way of magic containers, which are essential to keeping up speed with the pack. Once you win, take the goldust tho the smith in the mountain, and he will turn your sword into the gildead sword.
From now on, every time you win gold dust, you can sell it to the curiosity shop for 200 rupees!

Be Oni Link outside of boss battles
Submitted by JRocha321.
1. One the first day, between the hours of 2:18pm & 9:10pm, talk to Anju in the Stock Pot Inn in Clock Town while wearing Kafei's Mask. Promise to her that you'll meet her for a late night rendezvous.
2. Later on, between 11:30pm to 8:00am, use the Deku mask then use the deku flower to get onto the roof of the Stock Pot Inn, then enter inside. Which back to Link then meet Anju in the kitchen and promise to meet Kafei. You will receive a letter.
3. Mail the letter immediately, using a postbox outside of the inn.
4. On the 2nd day, between 3:00pm & 3:40pm, in the southwest part of town, the postman will deliver the mail to Kafei.
5. Immediately enter Kafei's house as soon as he comes out, which is in the back of the Curiosity Shop & wait for him. Talk to him to receive the Memorial Pendant.
6. Hurry back to the Stock Pot Inn & give the Memorial Pendant to Anju.
7. On the 3rd day, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, in the Ikana canyon, you will find Kafei hiding behind the fallen stone pillars. Hide behind the pillars that Kafei is behind, or put on the stone mask & wait till Sackon comes to open his hideout.
8. Now, before entering Sackon's hideout, play the song of time inversion which is C-DOWN,A,C-RIGHT,C-DOWN,A,C-RIGHT.
9. Put on an mask, any mask, and enter Sackon's hideout.
10. Now, read carefully, you will be switching from Kafei to Link, when you switch to Kafei, press start, then put the Fierce Deity Mask on the C button that on the mask you're wearing is assigned to and continue the maze. Example, if your wearing the bunnyhood, and your as Kafei, replace the bunnyhood in that C-button spot w/ the Fierce Deity Mask. And make sure that you replace the bunnyhood w/ another item or mask. When it comes your time again to play as Link, he will automatically transform in Fierce Deity Link.
11. When and if you complete the maze, you can walk around Ikana as Fierce Deity Link. UNFORTUNATELY!!!! You cannot take off the mask, and you cant use any items, that includes the Ocarnia of time, and other masks, weapons too like the hookshot and bow, so on & so on. Which just leaves you an messley 5 minutes to enjoy this.
12. You cannot go to Ikana canyon, cause you need ice arrows, meaing you cant use bow, so, forget that, you cannot go anywheres really, however, you can go to Ikana graveyard, which, theres nothing there, and you cant get out, cause you need epona, but you cant ride her anyway, since your an adult, and shes an baby.
13. Fear not, for you are not trapped in Ikana, as soon as the maze is completed, You are at the entrance of Sackons hideout, there is an river right in front of you. Jump in and go into the water cave on your right, which leads to the potion shop near the Deku Kindom.
(IMPORTANT): Do not enter any houses or shops, you can enter, but you cannot get out. Also, if you go to Clock Town, the guards will not let you leave. And one more! Do not talk to the Bomber Kids. The game will freeze.

Bomber's Secret Stash
Submitted by AngelBlueyez4768.
Go to the Bomber's Hideout and enter using the secret code. When you enter, go to the left instead of going to the telescope. Use a bomb to blow open a crack in the wall, which is in a small indent in the wall with a torch. Inside is a chest with 100 rupees!

Annoying Bird Pays Off
Submitted by AngelBlueyez4768.
Go to the spot right in front of the entrance to milk road where the annoying bird that steals your money is located. Wear the Stone Mask and shoot the bird with arrows or your hookshot. It takes awhile, but when it dies, you get over 200 rupees! (I'm not sure of the exact amount)

Milk Does a Body Good
Submitted by Daphne Vigil.
Enter The Milk Bar Latte and have a drink of their famous Chateau Milk. Then enter the Goron Race, and you will be supercharged! You should not run out of energy!